Birthing class

I never got a chance to take one! Any mommies not either? What’s some advice from mommies of 1+ for labor??

It’s hard being the only preggo in my group of friends :/

A very sleepless night

Last night was HORRIBLE for sleeping! I cannot believe Im awake right now. But I have a lot to do today so I had no choice. A mamas work is never done (even if her baby is still cookin’!)
Anyways, I was so uncomfortable all night. My hands and feet were STILL swollen from being out and about all day yesterday. They felt so hot and tight, it was awful. On top of that, baby girl was pressing on everything! No matter how I was laying, she was on something. And when I got up my 500 times to pee, it hurt so bad to sit up and walk to the bathroom.
I honestly thought she was gonna come during the night or something. :/


I seriously love taking my vitamins everyday.
Before I even got pregnant,
I started taking some different ones to help us get pregnant since we had a difficult time. So when I became pregnant, I kept taking the ones I had (which the doctor said was perfectly fine, and I didn’t need an actual prenatal).
So, in the AM I take calcium. And then before bed I take my folic acid, zinc, iron, B and C.

My mom thinks

Miss P will be here, or at least start her arrival, on August 10th. Apparently it’s a full moon that day.
Hey, sounds fantastic to me!!

August 2014 mommies…


July and all the other 2014 mommies-to be..and anyone, really. If you have instagram, I want to follow you guys. I like keeping up with all the pregblrs. So either send me a message with your instagram, comment it, or you can follow me (cannegraham). I’m just learning how to instagram, really, but I promise to like your things?

I’m mandaa_dandaa on Instagram c:

Hospital bag


What should I pack? My dad made me feel super behind (everything should be ready by 7 months…well I’m a week shy of 8 lol).

Don’t feel behind! I’m 8 months and still haven’t packed. I’ve started collecting items but nothing complete yet. I found lots of helpful lists on Pinterest that I’ve been going off of. I work at a hospital, and a lot of things you would need most likely will be provided anyways (mesh undies, pads, creams, wipes for you, towels, wash cloths, shower items, etc). Don’t freak too much!